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The last couple of months after graduating have been rather “interesting!” I have been employed as a bin man, labourer and multidrop van man. These jobs have served their purpose as to paying off much of my immediate debt but they didn’t leave me oozing with creativity or bursting with innovative ideas. Things have taken a radical change for the better as I am about to enter the realms of perpetual studentism! I am going back to uni but this time instead of paying for the pleasure the uni is going to pay me. I have accepted a job as a technical instructor for new media at Falmouth University and I can’t wait to start. It is vital for me to keep upto date with new media and technology developements so I have decided… no more neglecting my blog!

here’s a little something to tease the technology taste buds and kick start a new beginning for this blog:

The Talking Piano was conceived and built by Peter Ablinger. Utilising Fourier analysis and an automated piano Ablinger is able to recreate speech. The speech is a little distorted but with the help of captions the speech is very recognizeable.


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