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Dot – Sumo Science:

I am sure by now this stop time animation will be all over the internet but I am mostly interested in the making of. There are so many different processes and technologies being used in harmony. The stop time footage was shot using a Nokia N8 with a custom microscope attachment. The model of the girl has been created using 3d printing technologies. The whole animation rig was automated to get frame by frame perfect positioning. Its an amazing process with so much care and attention to detail.

This made me smile so I thought i would post it. One of the projects I am working on at the minute is a snare drum that is played using marbles dropping from shoots. I had been wondering how to return the marbles to the top of the shoot until I saw this video posted on Its such a simple idea I cant wait to see if it will work for my project!

The very idea of an always on PC the size of a plug opens up vast possibilities. The SheevaPlug runs at an average of 5watts which is much less than the usual servers and house hold computers. It connects to an ordinary network and has a USB input to incorporate the usual peripherals such as cameras, external hard disk drives etc…

From what i could see this only comes with a type ‘A’ plug (American Standard) but i am sure there is a way of converting it to work in the UK. There is an open source API framework named RainDrop which from the text on the site ‘makes it effortless to deploy third-party applications onto the SheevaPlug securely and in a resource-defined manner.’

The SheevaPlug would be very useful when working with home automation and security.

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