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An excellent project that feeds real time traffic data to the retro arcade game Frogger. I really enjoyed the mode of promo video as well.

Project created by Tyler DeAngelo|other/5th-ave-frogger

Recently i have been working alot with processing which if you have not tried i really guarantee it for image manipulation, real time web cam tracking and general interaction experiments. Part of an applet i recently wanted to produce involved shapes flaying out of the bottom of the screen. These objects must obey gravity and act like real objects when you throw them in the air. These sort of behavior is know as projectile motion. I am no mathematician by any standards but i found this brilliant tutorial on the subject of projectile motion. I worked through from the very beginning and was easily able to produce this effect. Its a very very good tutorial and i went through a lot of complicated mind boggling sites to find it. So if your interested in this subject the try this:

Projectile Tutorial

Don’t rush through it because the beginning parts are vital to understanding the last parts.

image from the Kitty throw game; bored try it!

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