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Its been a while since I have used processing for any of my projects so today I took some time to have a good look at some of the new libraries available for the framework. I was amazed at far processing has come, there are now libraries for everything from sound to reading the accelerometer built into a Mac book. I was very pleased to see that box2D has been wrapped to integrate simply into processing as this is a very powerful 2D physics engine. Here is the link to the libraries section of the processing site for anybody that is interested.



project by Georg Reil and Kathy Scheuring, January 2010
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

This project was built using Arduin and The project has a beautifully unique and playful take on sound manipulation. I especially love the bucket but you will have to watch it to know what i mean!

I came across this Researcher whilst studying for my degree unfortunately for a while i forgot his name and could not find him online (found him again now.) I was really impressed with his work in manipulating data from the Wii remote and taking the basic principles of how the Wii-mote works and flipping them, twisting them and basically manipulating them to become much more creative and useful.

Johnny Chung Lee – Link

Above is one of my Favorite examples I have seen so far of augmented reality. It was coded by Saqoosha who I am very thankful to as he was one of my main sources of information and documentation for the FLARToolkit.

The last two days I have spent bashing about with the FLARToolkit for AS3. Its very addictive and there are some very good example online. In the end I produced some working examples by mixing the examples given by Mikko Haapoja and into one AS3 file. I can’t wait to see where these experiments will take me and i hopefully post them up here soon.

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