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A video from the applied science department at Microsoft. The video explains some future technologies into stereoscopic and tangible interface.
“What is the next step after touch screen?”

My favorite part is the use of directional light to allow 2 different images to be seen from the same screen.

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Its not often that I take an interest in fashion but for Janet Hansen I will make an exception. She is most famous for working with Daft Punk but she has worked in a lot of different areas of fashion. I found Janet Hansen on and I was really impressed with how much control she had over the colour and behavior of the lights in the costumes she makes. Check out “dudes in tubes” :-

Recently i have been experimenting with hacking old printers and in my research i came accross this:

Phosphorescence according to wikipedia allow absorbed radiation to be re-emitted at a lower intensity for up to several hours. It was built from a miniPov and adapted to radiate a phosphorescence panel. The overall effect is pretty creepy and would make for an awesome horror style B movie end credits.

original source: Makezine

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