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Most shops close and thats the end of it; the lights go out, the staff go home, and the premises is left lifeless till the next day. SNIFF is an engaging, interactive installation which pulls in customers even after hours when the shop is closed. An interactive dog is projected on to the window of the shop and is programmed to react to people walking by and interpret their behavior as aggressive or calm and react accordingly. The project was thought up by Karolina Sobecka and developed by Jim George.  I wont go into too much technical information as Sobecka has been very generous as to how the project was created here.


Found this video of Some of the effects used are mind blowing. I especially like the leaking TV its just a really nice concept. There are a few cheesy moments but these can be excused as overall the footage is awesome. The video is a show reel from the french design company EasyWeb.

I have recently been looking for the best way to visualise data and make it come to life. I came across an amazing piece of software. processing 1.0 (BETA) has a very simple interface which is so similar to the arduino interface that it must have something to do with arduino. As soon as i realised the similarities i felt very at home with processing. There are so many good examples of how to use the software that i know the learning experience should be smooth and exciting. I really liked this example.

I also found some really nice examples of processing being used in the design world. Ole Kristensen produced a video entitled ‘Body Navigation’  which has some brilliant examples of how processing can manipulate what a camera sees and then project a reaction on any surface. Check out the video HERE

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