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Life writer By Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau.


We are artists working since 1991 on the creation of interactive computer installations for which we design metaphoric, emotional, natural, intuitive and multi-modal interfaces. The interactive experiences we create are situated between art, design, entertainment and edutainment. One of our key concepts is to create interactive artworks that constantly change and evolve and adapt to the users’ interaction input [1]. For several of our interactive systems we have therefore applied Artificial Life and Complex Systems principles and used genetic programming to create open-ended systems that can evolve and develop over time through user interaction.










Most shops close and thats the end of it; the lights go out, the staff go home, and the premises is left lifeless till the next day. SNIFF is an engaging, interactive installation which pulls in customers even after hours when the shop is closed. An interactive dog is projected on to the window of the shop and is programmed to react to people walking by and interpret their behavior as aggressive or calm and react accordingly. The project was thought up by Karolina Sobecka and developed by Jim George.  I wont go into too much technical information as Sobecka has been very generous as to how the project was created here.

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