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I have almost finished the rebuild of my Quadrocopter so I thought I would post it up here. All I am waiting for now is the motor mounts. I am very pleased with build as it will be a lot more maintainable than the original injected moulded plastic one as the carbon fibre rod is very replaceable. Its a bit of a dark photo but I like how stealthy and menacing it looks. I am very much considering ordering the Ardupilot and accessories for some added Arduino goodness.

Some awesome swarming quadrocopters

Just bought one of these!

I shall be posting videos of it up here as soon as it arrives!


Here are some useful links that I have been using for reference:

How to get a video feed from the new toy (manual insists the quadrocopter is not a toy!)

A really informative forum thread

The Conrad 450 ARF Quadrocopter manual…4&d=1270284725


Possible Camera setup 1:

Other configs:
500 metres ready to use camera:
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