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Its been a really long tome since i wrote anything on here. This is partly because i am slacking and the mainly because i have 7 weeks left of my degree and have endless amounts of work to do. Just thought I’d take some time to document version two of the rhythm bug idea I posted a while ago.  Its a bit slow at the mo but works well. Gonna try different wheels maybe a different motor to see if i can improve its performance. I have also changed the switch to be more linear instead of rotating. This seemed to fit better into such a small space. One other detail that is worth mentioning is the humble Drawing pin. The contacts that slide across the circuit board are made from upside down drawing pins. They slide really well, conduct electricity really well and allow the contact to rotate with the movement putting less strain on the solder join – Useful little things!


I found this watch for the visually impaired while stumbling through vast content found at The watch was designed by Matthew Wagnerfield. The first thing that grabbed me about this watch is the beautiful craftsmanship; its well designed and well made. The second thing that really impressed me was that the watch can be read by the blind or visually impaired. The clock face is based around a standard 7 segment digital character display but instead of using light to communicate the message this watch uses mechanically animated segments to convey the time. The segments lower and raise by a difference of 1mm so the time can be both seen and touched.

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