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For the last 2-3 months in the corner of my office a project has been slowly growing as bits and pieces ordered have been arriving sporadically from Ebay’s global sellers. finally, this morning I found an hour or two at work in order to make a concerted effort to get everything pieced together so that I could test that the project would work. The video above is a proof of concept for my first attempt at making an frustrated internal reflection touch screen table (FTIR). The theory is simple; FTIR works by shining infra red light into the sides of a sheet of acrylic so that it internally reflects around the inside of the acrylic. Internal reflection continues until something on the surface of the acrylic sheet disturbs the internal reflection and deflects the infra red out of the acrylic and allows an infra camera (bodged web cam) to spot the infra red thus detecting where the object is on the surface of the table. There are 100’s of articles on line about FTIR, all of them more concise and worded better.

As a first run I am very pleased with the results. Obviously There is still a lot to be done. I need to work on the rear projection surface and what is called a compliant suface between the acrylic and projection surface. The good news from todays experimenting is that i know it works.

A video from the applied science department at Microsoft. The video explains some future technologies into stereoscopic and tangible interface.
“What is the next step after touch screen?”

My favorite part is the use of directional light to allow 2 different images to be seen from the same screen.

found at

I came across this Researcher whilst studying for my degree unfortunately for a while i forgot his name and could not find him online (found him again now.) I was really impressed with his work in manipulating data from the Wii remote and taking the basic principles of how the Wii-mote works and flipping them, twisting them and basically manipulating them to become much more creative and useful.

Johnny Chung Lee – Link

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