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First tests with the matrox triple head. 3 screens 800×600 running a flash mac app 2400×600 in full screen mode. All powered by a standard mac book pro. The triple head was really easy to set up on a mac and is a very powerful device.

This was my first attempt at blogging on my htc desire hd using wordpress app for android.

This made me smile so I thought i would post it. One of the projects I am working on at the minute is a snare drum that is played using marbles dropping from shoots. I had been wondering how to return the marbles to the top of the shoot until I saw this video posted on Its such a simple idea I cant wait to see if it will work for my project!

Recently i have been pondering over how the hell CNC milling machines get such precision based vector lines. I was hoping to find some tutorials for arduino that would explain the theory behind this technology. All i found out so far is that the whole thing is fairly confusing. Despite my confusion i am very happy to have found this CNC controlled etch a sketch. Its not a toy its a precision engineers dream.

A couple of people have acheived etch a scetch prefection:

and last but not least (check out the retro main image):

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